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Producing Seeds with Self-Sterile Cacti – How to do it

Producing Seeds with Self-Sterile Cacti – How to do it

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Posted February 10, 2012 (edited)

Alright guys, just want to share tech that can be used to fertilize the flower of a cactus that usually needs pollen from another one to develop seed:

1. Get yourself some Cement from the DIY Store. Very fine pulver. The finer the better. But the typical Commercial grade works fine as well.

2. Get yourself a small brush and apply some of the cement dust on the Stigma of the flower on the plant that you want to produce seeds with. Also try to blow a little bit of the dust inside the flower.

3. Cement works as some kind of irritator what makes the flower create some Anti-Bodies that enable her to accept her own pollen.

4. Then wait for half an hour and brush some of the own pollen on the flower and repeat this numerous times.

Now here’s some additional info: Usually, there is only very few seed to be harvested but it works and the seeds are usually viable. The reason why this works is that cement consists of highly basic calcium silicates that tremendously raise the ph of the flower. Because there also are amino clusters on a pollen corn that are also responsible for raising the ph, the cement has the very same effect. Because of his highly basic potential, cement is even way more effective. Basic niveau reduces the ability of the flower to abort the pollen so it accepts it.

IT ALSO ENABLES YOU TO CROSS CACTI THAT ARE INCOMPATIBLE WITH EACH OTHER! Like LOPHOPHORA x GYMNOCALYCIUM, MAMMILLARIA, TURBINICARPUS ETC. Its not guaranteed that it works all the time and you have to experiment a lot but i know that it worked in some cases.

Another Advantage is that genetecally, defects will be passed down to the offspring so this would be very interesting for pollen from Cristates and other mutants.

But in some cases, plants can be weak or not healthy and may need additional generations of breeding in other cacti. The produced Offspring that’s created with this tech is not to be seen as clones as there is a recombination of DNA going on, what enables them to cross them in with the mother plant as well.

Alright guys, this is no bullshit, its working so use this info to your Advantage and create some fucking freaks. 😉

EDIT: I think this Post about including electricity is pretty much related so i wanted to merge it with this one but it would be too messy so i just add a link to the Topic. Its called

Inter-generic Breeding with Electricity


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